Desi Recipes | Mutton Masala Chops


Mutton masala chops are mouth watering, delicious entry from the Pakistani cuisine. Our recipe will make you love this traditional Pakistani food, try in evening or in dinner with mint sauce.


      Mutton chops    :     1/2 Kg

                Yogurt    :      01 cup measuring 250ml, whipped well

              Paprika     :     07

Spices (Garam masala)   :    01 teaspoon full

    Red chilli     :    01 teaspoon full

 Ginger & Garlic paste     :    01 teaspoon full

      Oil    :    02 tablespoon

     Salt   :     Add to your taste

For flavour and garnishing green chillies and coriander


Add whipped yogurt in a bowl & add all spices & cooking oil and mix well , after mixing spices add chops as well. Leave it for two hour, after 2 hour cook it in a pot or pressure cooker till the chops tender (if using pressure cooker, cook for 20-30 minutes), after chops get tender cook it till oil leaves the chops, garnish with coriander and chillies and serve with mint raita & chappati.


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