07 Amazing Health Benefits of Mushrooms


There are different types of mushrooms, like crimini, enoki, oyster, portobello, shiitake, or white buttons. Whatever you like this superfood is loaded with a lot of essential nutrients. Mushrooms Health Benefits are very significant for the human body.

Despite being delicious and good aroma, these mushrooms are loaded with a lot of nutritional and medical benefits; let’s see the most important ones:

1- Mushrooms Health Benefits: Prevents Cancer

Mushrooms are very rich in antioxidants nutrients, it helps to prevent & fight cancer cells specifically breast cancer and prostate cancer. This is the one good reason to include mushrooms in your daily meal plan. As per research

“White button mushrooms are known to contain more antioxidant capacity than other vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and green pepper”.

It is mainly due to the presence of beta-glucans and linoleic acid in mushrooms that helps fight cancerous cells. The latter is specifically helpful in the prevention of breast cancer as it suppresses the harmful effect of excess estrogen. On the other hand, beta-glucans are helpful to prevent prostate cancer.

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Apart from nutritional value mushrooms are know to have multi medical benefits, so start including your daily food intake and remember that to live a healthy life you have to make your food as your medicine.

2- Mushrooms Health Benefits: Boosts Immune System

Mushrooms the one superfood that can help you boost your immune system! Yes, it is, so as winters are approaching it’s not a bad idea to think about including mushrooms in your diet plan.

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Though we know that it would probably be the last thing to think about food when you plan to strengthen your immunity. As we are probably accustomed to taking vitamin pills for keeping us revitalized. But not to your surprise, mushrooms are an amazing source of all the B Vitamins (also known as energy-boosting vitamins); they include B2, B3, and B5. These B vitamins actually help our body to efficiently produce energy from our diet (the food we eat).


3- Mushrooms Health Benefits: Helps to lose Weight

       If you are on a diet plan and thinking to lose weight without being felt hungry then mushrooms can do a lot for you. Nutrition expert in Applied Physiology at Birmingham City University, Mel Wakeman says: “Edible mushrooms are low in calories so they can help with weight loss or maintenance. 100g provides just 40 calories yet they are reasonably rich in nutrients.”

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On top of the low calorie benefit comes the amazing taste and aroma of button mushrooms, they have a meat like texture and can be looked upon as a cheap & great alternative to meat.

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4- Mushrooms Good for Skin, Hair & Nails

Love your body? love your nails, hair, and skin? If so, then mushrooms are the right food for you. Despite all other benefits, mushrooms are also loaded with beauty-loving minerals i.e. selenium (fabulous for your hair, nails, and skin).

 NutriCentre nutritionist Cassandra Barns says:

 “Mushrooms are one of the best vegetable sources of the mineral selenium which helps keep your hair and nails healthy, and supports the production of thyroid hormones that control your metabolism.”

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Mushrooms are natural and one of the best sources of selenium. One may get it from supplements and vitamin tablets but why go on medicines when nature has provided us with natural resources. So, the best way to keep your skin glowing is to include mushrooms in your daily diet plan.

5- Mushrooms Good for Bones & Teeth

Just like our bodies, mushrooms can absorb vitamin D when they are exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is the one essential vitamin for our health and healthy bones & teeth.  In a modern-day lifestyle, we are less exposed to direct sunlight so we may experience the deficiency of vitamin D in our body. To keep our bones strong and cope with the essential vitamin deficiency, one should consume foods that are a rich source of vitamin D.

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So, don’t go for a second thought and start utilizing mushrooms in your daily diet. They are not good, they are awesome as they provide us with a lot of essential vitamins and minerals.

6- Mushrooms Help to Low Cholesterol Level

Mushrooms are one of the great sources of fat-free and cholesterol-free proteins, they also have a very low level of carbohydrates. They contain fiber and certain other enzymes that help in lowering the blood cholesterol level.

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Heart health is directly affected by the blood cholesterol level; so utilizing low cholesterol food in our daily diet will lead us to keep a healthy heart.


On top of these benefits, mushroom are also good source of iron and helps fight anemia in body.

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7- Mushrooms Improve Body Sugar Level  

Mushrooms are packed with vitamins and minerals, high proteins, low levels of carbohydrates, no cholesterol, and zero fats. All these benefits make them one of the ideal low-energy diets for diabetics.

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On top of that, it’s rich in water, fiber and contains natural insulin. It is also known to help improve the liver and pancreas function (one that is responsible for regulating blood sugar level).

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All these amazing benefits of mushrooms qualify it to be placed in the category of superfoods.

 This article is been published by staff at LiveFitPK and is for general awareness & knowledge sharing purpose only.


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