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Diabetes mellitus is a treatable chronic illness. It is a metabolic disorder in which blood sugar level is elevated. It is controlled either by medication, insulin, or both. Once diabetes is diagnosed one has to admit that it is a lifelong journey but to spend a life with ease and comfort there are a few steps for a diabetes care checklist that everyone has to adopt in their daily life.

People who are suffering from diabetes have to modify their way of living and have to adopt healthy changes in their daily lifestyle. Some mandatory steps have to taken by diabetics in their daily routine in order to avoid an emergency situation. There is a quick self daily checklist for diabetic people that helps them to live a comfortable life despite illness.

1. Diabetes Care Checklists: Record Blood Sugar Level

Always keep a record of your blood sugar level. Make it a habit to write down in a small notebook whenever you check the blood sugar. It helps you in monitoring your blood glucose levels & also helps your doctor/health care provider to control your blood sugar level.


Remember Diabetes is a chronic illness. The better control you have the best is the quality of life. So help yourself in controlling your illness.

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2. Diabetes Care Checklists: Observe Your Body

Make it an everyday routine to have a quick look over your body daily while taking shower or changing clothes to check any small scratch, bruise, or folliculitis. It will not take more than 2 minutes to have a quick look over you. Don’t forget or ignore this habit. Remember diabetes is a chronic illness and healing is delayed in diabetics. So never ignore a minor sign of inflammation or infection over your body.

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3. Diabetes Care Checklists: Take Care of Your Feet

You may have seen people suffering from diabetes who are taking care of their feet more than their other body parts. This is because one of the complications of diabetes is sensory neuropathy i.e. diabetics slowly lose the ability to feel the pain so minor scratches or trivial trauma can be easily ignored and it can lead to a non-healing wound. So always take care of your feet.

Never walk barefooted. And always check your feet thoroughly every day. Also, dry the space between toes completely with a soft cloth after washing (after a bath or swimming, or ablution) because if it remains wet it can lead to fungal infection (athlete’s foot).

4. Diabetes Guidelines: Carry Sweets in Your Pocket

One of the complications of diabetic oral medication & insulin is hypoglycemia i.e. drop in blood sugar level. So always keep a pinch of sugar, a sweet cookie, candy, or a bar of chocolate in your pocket to avoid

Remember hypoglycemia is a dangerous situation and it can lead to permanent damage to vital organs and may lead to the death of the person. So always keep sugary content in your pocket while at work or on a trip or shopping. It helps you to remain out of danger in an emergency situation. It gives you peace of mind as well and allows you to live a normal & better life. Remember being diagnosed with diabetes is not easy but adopting this handy habit can make it easy to lead a comfortable and better life.

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5. Diabetes Guidelines: Wear Alarming Bracelet or Diabetes Identity

Always wear an identity bracelet or a card or any other identity (in form of a card or pendant) which shows that you are suffering from diabetes mellitus in order to avoid any complications of diabetes. It helps you get proper medical care in emergency situations like hypoglycemia (lower blood sugar level) etc.

Remember time is always the most important thing in emergency situations. If hypoglycemia remains unattended it can cause permanent brain death. Spread the word and take care of yourself and your loved ones. The American Diabetes Association recommends that all people with diabetes wear a diabetes medical alert identification bracelet.

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Disclaimer: This article is for general public awareness & information only. If you are suffering from any illness contact your doctor l health professional. All copyrights are reserved.

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