08 Working From Home Tips During COVID-19

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As you all know that COVID-19 is a global pandemic and currently stay at home and working from home is a must to do the thing. Most of the companies have now implemented voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. The majority of us are facing this new challenge of life for the first time. So working from home tips are necessary for you to adapt your routine and extra spirit to gain more productivity in your work.

Working From Home Tips

1. Designate A Work-Space

The first one working from the home tips is to Dedicate a work-space for work, it must not be fancy but it should be separate and equipped with necessary gadgets away from your relaxation space. It helps you get in touch with important things and feel comfortable and responsible while working from home. Find an area with good natural lighting if at all possible. A tidy and organized work station will give you positive vibes to work efficiently from the comfort of your home.

2. Plan A Routine        

Make a routine consisting of real work hours, timely sleep, and eating hours so it helps you stay active during working hours. You need to adjust your routine according to your working hours and follow it strictly because it helps you to stay on track with your organizational goals and reflects that you are responsible enough to work remotely in an efficient manner. Also staying on a schedule is highly recommended in order to maintain a work-life balance.

3. Dress For Success

You must get dressed properly and nicely while working remotely as well. It helps you work in a more dedicated way and give you nice vibes and energy to work with strength.

You cannot work in your Pajamas to dream and achieve big; be it your online meeting from home or you are working independently at some task always “Dress for Success”.

4. Connect & Communicate

While working from home you need to communicate with your office staff and manager. Better communication while working from remote help you to build a strong bond between manager, employees, and coworkers and improves working skills. Managers should also encourage their employees to share their opinions or concern about the projects so that they don’t feel being dismissed because they are not in the same room.

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5. Maintain Hydration

Staying home and working needs you take very good care of your health in parallel; stay hydrated by taking plenty of plain water, fresh juices, and herbal tea. Hydration helps your body to fight against infections (covid19 and others) and also keeps you fresh and active throughout the day.

6. Talk to Friend & Family

Pick up a phone and call friends and family. Connect through each other via social media or the internet despite social distancing. A small and simple two minute talk to friends and family can make you feel fresh and energetic and have an overall positive impact.

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Stay indoors, stay connected, and stay healthy. Talk to friends and family while taking a screen break during work will be really helpful to increase your productivity in the work.

7. Meditate & Exercise

Despite hectic and new work-from-home routine get some time to stretch your body and do some indoor exercises. Exercise helps to release endorphins that relieve your mood and have a positive impact on getting a good start. Stretching exercises help you to relieve stress and anxiety. Meditation is an old and ancient way to get relaxation and gives you the power to focus on work. Spare some extra time as few as 10 minutes a day to have meditation. De-hunch your back, un-crick your neck, helps you to get fresh and positive. So, start exercise today to stay focus on your work and keep your body fit. Meditation increases your productivity at work.

8. Take Real Meals

Apart from hectic work from home routine get breaks in between to have energy-rich meals. A healthy and balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables helps you to get energy and also boosts your immunity to fight against infections.

 Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Disclaimer: This information is for public information and awareness only. If you are suffering from any illness consult your local health care provider. All copyrights are reserved. Questions and comments are welcomed at info@livefitpk.com


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