Strong immunity helps in fighting against infection whereas if we have low immunity our body lost the ability to fight against the infections. Several immunity-boosting juices can be made to increase the body immunity.

Regular use of Vitamin C is a proven factor for immunity boosting. Antioxidants in food also help to boost the immune system and increase the body’s ability to fight against infections. Homemade juices from fresh fruits also help to increase the body’s ability to fight against infections. They are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Below is a list of five juices that can help improve and boost your immunity naturally:

  1. Blue Berry and strawberry juice
  2. Apple, carrot, and orange juice
  3. Fresh orange juice
  4. Kiwi and pineapple juice
  5. Healthy honey mint lemonade

1. Blue Berry and Strawberry Juice For Immunity Boosting

immunity boosting juices

Berries are referred to as healthy foods because of their antioxidant properties. They are beneficial for the heart and boosting the immune system. This amazing mixture of berries is full of antioxidants and vitamin C, besides it also contains vitamin K, Omega-3, Manganese, potassium, and copper. It is high in fiber, reduces bad cholesterol, and increases body power to fight against infections as these are the immunity-booster fruits.

Water: 300 ml
Strawberries: 7 medium size
Blueberries: 3/4 of cup
Black pepper: a pinch
Fresh mint leave: few
Brown sugar: 1 teaspoon (optional)
Ice: optional
Note: Diabetics should not use additional sugar. It can increase their blood sugar.

Preparation: It just takes 10 minutes to prepare strawberry & blueberry juice. Wash blueberries and strawberries well and then cut the strawberries in half. Put the blueberries, strawberries, and pinch of mint & sugar (optional) in the hand blender and put 100 ml of water. Blend it well. Then pour the rest of the water and add black pepper and salt to taste. Shake it well & enjoy the flavor. Strawberry and blueberries are the fruits diabetics can eat.

2. Fresh Orange Juice For Immunity Boosting

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This is the simplest of all juices to prepare but the nutritional value and having the ability to boost the immune system is unbeatable for this simple yet amazing juice. Citrus fruits like oranges grapefruit are full of Vitamin C and boost the body’s immunity to fight against infections.

Ingredients (for a single serving)
Oranges: 5
Black pepper: a pinch
Salt to taste (optional)
Ice: optional
Preparation: It just takes 5 minutes to prepare a fresh & refreshing orange juice. Take oranges; wash them thoroughly in running water. Cut oranges into half. Use a citrus juicer or citrus extractor, squeeze the juice, and add a pinch of black pepper and ice (optional). Enjoy the divine drink that will boost your immune system. 

3. Apple, Carrot and Orange Juice For Immunity Boosting

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It is a triple booster drink. The combination of 3 magical and most amazing fruits can add flavor and triple boost your immunity. This fuzzy combination of beta-carotene, antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, calcium provides an immunity booster to your body. It is also called a glowing drink because it gives a beautiful glow to your skin. Add it to your daily hectic routine and enjoy the charisma of these amazing fruits.

Ingredients (Serving Size : 02)

Apple: 02 medium size
Oranges: 03 medium size
Carrots: 05 medium size
Black Pepper: optional
Preparation: It takes just 10 minutes to prepare this triple booster drink. Wash carrots, oranges, and apples thoroughly under running water, cut the apple into small pieces, cut the carrots into small chunks, peel the oranges and cut into cubes. Put the fruits into the juice extractor one by one and extract the juice. Add black pepper and ice to taste (optional). And enjoy the delicious cocktail.

4. Kiwi and Pineapple Juice to Boost Immune System

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It will add zest to your flavor and will play a vital role in immunity-boosting. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. This vibrant blend will make your day and boost your immunity. Taste great if fresh pineapple is used.

Ingredients (Serving size: 02)
Kiwi: 4 medium size
Pineapple: 3/4 cup cut into chunks or small cubes (Canned pineapple can be used but diabetics should not use canned pineapple without the permission of their health care provider because canned pineapple may increase their blood sugar)
Water: 300 ml
Sugar 1 teaspoon (optional)
Preparation (time: 10 mins): Wash the kiwis, peel them, and cut them into chunks. Cut the pineapple into chunks (fresh or canned). Take a hand blender and add kiwi and pineapple cubes into it and add 50 ml of water & sugar (optional), blend it well and then add the remaining water, shake it well, serve and enjoy the flavor.

5. Healthy Honey Mint Lemonade to Boost Immune System

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It is an immune booster, a super refreshingly easy to made drink. It is an excellent combination of vitamin C from lime and delicious flavor from honey. Can serve it normal temperature or Lukewarm or cold. Best if you use Luke warm when having a cold or flu or sore throat.

Lemon: 2 medium size
Mint: few leaves (dried or fresh)
Honey: 1 tablespoon
Salt: a pinch (optional)
Water: 350 ml
Preparation (time: 10 mins): Wash lemon and mint leaves well under running water. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the lemon juice
Take water and add lemon juice, honey, mint leaves, and salt (optional).
Mix it well and chill the flavor.

Disclaimer: These recipes are only for general public information.If you are allergic to any particular food group or you have any health problem consult your local health care provider. All copyrights are reserved. All comments and queries are welcome at info@livefitpk.com


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